Funding decisions

How will my application be decided?

  • Applications will be decided on a case-by-case basis, taking account of the individual circumstances and having regard to the information proved in the application and the objective behind The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund.
  • Application will undergo a two stage assessment process.
  • Applications will first be reviewed and voted on by a panel comprising three members. In an effort to maintain high standards of transparency and impartiality, the panel members will be made up of:
  1. a) one internal member of the Fund;
  2. b) one external community member; and
  3. c) one independent professional (accountant, solicitor, doctor, etc.).
  • The panel members may change from time-to-time, but for the 2020 round of applications, the panel will be made up of:


Internal Fund member Heather Pring, Freddie Pring Fund
External community member Graham Symes, Minehead RFC
Independent professional Lee Chisman, Maitland Walker Solicitors


  • In order for your application to be successful at the first stage, all three panel members must vote in favour of your application. The panel has been selected specifically to ensure that applications to the Fund are administered effectively and fairly.
  • The panel provides a broad spectrum of knowledge, and individually they bring a different perspective to the application review process. This acts to mitigate bias, and ensure that all applications are given equal consideration and are assessed on their merits.
  • Once the panel have chosen the successful applicants, these will be subject to a second stage review by the Application Reviewer (AR). The AR will review all those applications which the panel have approved, to ensure that they meet the criteria and spirit of the Freddie Pring Sports Grant.
  • The AR may change from time-to-time, but for the 2020 round of applications, the AR will be:


Application Reviewer  Faye Symes


  • All applications must be agreed by the AR, before a grant of funding can be made.

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