Funding Application Guidance

Who can apply?

Individuals, community sports clubs and organisations based in West Somerset.  This excludes profit-making clubs and organisations.  Statutory organisations, including schools and local authorities, may apply but priority will be given to organisations that are not publically funded.

What can you apply for?

Individuals or organisations may apply for The Freddie Pring Sports Grant between £200 and £2,500 in one application (one application per organisation), if they can evidence that by having this funding it will:

  • Help in the personal development of their sport at County level or above
  • Help in offering services or to engage with the local community to increase participation in their sport

The following costs are eligible for funding:

  • Training cost of up-skilling coaches and volunteers
  • Costs for coaching
  • Funding for individuals, i.e. training costs, travel costs etc.

The following costs are not eligible for funding:

  • Activities that have already taken place
  • Activities promoting religious or political beliefs
  • Activities, equipment or events are one-offs, that don’t support the continued development or sustainability of a project
  • Activities that cannot evidence their sustainability (Priority will be given to sustainable applications)
  • Catering and hospitality costs
  • Costs related to existing or ongoing projects/activities currently provided by your organisation, e.g. ongoing staff costs, utility bills, overheads related to equipment or buildings (such as regular rent payments, buildings or contents insurance, or maintenance costs)
  • Endowments or loan repayments
  • Capital items (except for small items of equipment)
  • Costs already specifically covered by other funding
  • Replacement of kit

The applicant may be asked to show how ongoing costs will be met after the funding runs out.  Where the application is to start an ongoing project, preference will be given to those projects that are most sustainable and show an exit route for participants.

Before you apply:

Below is a summary of criteria that organisations are expected to meet in the delivery of their project.  A Service Level Agreement covering these will be signed by the applicant and The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund before the funding is released.

Organisational/Individual Criteria:

  • The organisation and the supported project must operate for the benefit of all or part of West Somerset and its communities
  • If the application is made by an individual, you must reside in or evidence links to West Somerset
  • The work of the organisation must be not-for-profit and the organisation should be formally constituted on democratic lines with a committee structure and a bank account
  • The grant cannot be used to subsidise the applicant’s earnings
  • Organisations and individuals applying must be engaged in, or propose to provide or take part in, sporting activities.  Such organisations include:
    • Local community sports clubs
    • Community groups
    • National governing bodies of sport
    • Charitable groups
    • Youth organisations

Coaching/Teaching Standards

  • The organisation must use accredited awards and other coaching/teaching resources provided by Sports Coach UK/Sports Leaders UK/National Governing Bodies (NGBs) or other national youth bodies
  • The participant-to-coach ratio must meet guidelines from the relevant body, i.e. NGB/Sports Development Unit
  • Any lead coach/instructor/teacher is suitably qualified to a standard recognised by their sport’s NGB
  • The organisation has an open. Non-discriminatory governing document/constitution/set of rules

Health and Safety

  • Providing adequate health and safety provision will be the responsibility of the organisation.  Copies of the relevant health and safety documentation will be made available to The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund
  • The organisation will provide adequate public liability insurance for participants whilst they are engaged in activity relating to the project.  Where appropriate, leaders/coaches responsible for the programme should hold professional indemnity
  • All activities must be fully risk assessed and will only run if the risks are adequately controlled
  • The organisation or individual has access to first aid equipment and a qualified First Aider at all coaching/activity and competitions
  • Every person attending sessions must complete a short registration form before the first session, which will collect information such as age, gender, medical conditions and emergency contact details.  Coaches should be informed of participants’ medical conditions and medications required on a need-to-know basis

Child Protection

  • Where the organisation is working with young people or vulnerable adults, they have completed The Freddie Pring Memorial Trust Safeguarding Checklist at the end of the application

Monitoring and Review

  • Evaluation forms provided by the Freddie Pring Memorial Fund must be completed and returned upon conclusion of the project
  • A case study template will be issued for use by the organisation, which must be completed and returned upon conclusion of the project


  • Each organisation and individual will be expected to liaise with The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund to provide updates on the impact that the supported project has had and agree that this information can be used by The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund for promotional purposes
  • The promotion and publicity for each project is the primary responsibility of the organisation or individual unless non-financial support has been granted in this area
  • Any public statement concerning the project should include a statement that the project is supported by The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund
  • Where possible any promotional material should incorporate the logos of The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund (to be provided).  The organisation or individual should provide The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund with their logo for promotional purposes
  • Links should be made on any relevant web pages and social media posts to the website of the other partner

How do I apply?

  • You can make an application by completing the form below.  You may also need to send some other pieces of information as required to support your application
  • Applications must be received at least six weeks before the start date of your project/activity.  We will endeavour to inform you as to whether your application has been successful within one month of the Freddie Pring Sports Grant closing date
  • Please send completed applications, along with safeguarding checklist, to: or by post to: Mrs H Pring, Warren Bay Holiday Village, Watchet, TA23 0JR .

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