We are also building section of the fund that is supporting mental health .
We believe that there isn’t enough support out there for those reaching out to get much needed support to help those struggling , we are offering financial support to help towards counselling , nutritional plans , exercise programs , all vital to supporting our wellbeing .

Double Marathon

August 2020

Aidan Kerr
Callum Oswick
Bobby John
I have never been one to shy away from a challenge and have always enjoyed pushing myself to extremes. There’s certainly no better way to test my physical and mental limits than taking on a 90km run in one day.
I originally only agreed to run the final 20km of the route, but it didn’t take long for me to decide to run the entirety (roughly 24 hours in fact).
A lot of people I told about the challenge thought I was mad and there were times that I thought I may had bitten off more than I could chew, but I always knew that with the right amount of training, good nutrition, adequate supplementation and a positive mindset that I would finish the run.
My motives for wanting to take part in this tremendous event were also very overwhelming. Many close friends of mine were hit especially hard by Freddie’s passing, and in the short time I knew him, I knew him as an honest, hard-working, well respected member of his peer-group with a fantastic sense of humour. In the few times I socialised with Freddie, we got along tremendously well, as I’d like to think we share similar characteristics.
I also could not ignore the nature of the hard work being done within the Freddie Pring Memorial Fund. Sport plays such a huge part in everyone’s lives as has such a positive impact on both physical and mental health. Throughout my youth I essentially lived for sport, so to be part of an event that raised thousands of pounds to provide sports development for people in Somerset was such an amazing opportunity – not to mention the opportunity to both honour and extend the legacy of such an important member of the West Somerset sporting community.
With only two months to train for the event, I hit the ground running and would run 5km, 10km and 20km runs one day after the other, have a day off, run anywhere between 25km and 30km, have another day off, then repeat. I think a lot of people doubted me because I could hardly run 3km at the beginning of lockdown – but I was secretly training pretty hard.
Once the route was planned out, it was all systems go both in terms of planning, training and promoting.
The opportunity to have been live on BBC Somerset twice and feature twice in the Gazette was brilliant. I think this was when it started to hit home that I would soon be taking on a DOUBLE MARATHON.
Then the day came. Up at 4am to eat half a kilo of porridge on 2 hours sleep. I expected to feel horrendous, but the adrenaline made me feel completely awake.
The first 45km was surprisingly straightforward. We power marched up any inclines of a certain degree and ran the rest which helped to contain energy levels. We actually managed to maintain a very respectable pace until roughly 60km, after which I began to feel like I’d been hit by a tractor speeding through the country lanes. This was when the hills started to get really intense over Exmoor as well, but I can’t give enough praise to those few people that ran the last third of the route with us. It gave us that phycological boost to spur us over the finish line.
The amount of donations we received on the day of the run was incredible and our phones were buzzing non-stop for days with messages of congratulations, which goes to show just how much support the event garnered for the fund, which is everything we wanted.
I believe I will always maintain that this was possibly the greatest achievement of my life and I genuinely hope it inspires more people to take on such challenges and believe that they can achieve anything they set out to!
If you’d have told me in March that I’d run 90km in August and raise thousands for such a worthy cause, I’d have laughed in your face. I can still hardly believe it now!

The Echo Bike Challenge

Our signature challenge , we aim to take this nationally, who doesn’t love a challenge?

This was set up by the fund with aim of setting a fitness test that replicated how hard Freddie had worked to get where he was!
This challenge is on going get in touch to take part!
It’s simple how many calories can you make in 2 mins.

Here’s a quote from Jack Richards from SuperStar Studios

“If I said that my competitive side did not have an effect of me taking part in the challenge, then I would most definitely be lying! I always love a challenge and seeing how hard this was left me with a strange interest into how well I could do.

I wouldn’t class my self as the fittest individual however I’m fairly heavy and this is very helpful when using the bike. I knew that I would get a reasonable score if I went as hard as possible to begin with and just keep my limbs moving until the end…it sounded much easier in my head, how silly of me!

I’ll be honest, it was the worst experience I’ve had in relation to any fitness testing. I knew this as I approached the 1 minute mark with nothing left to give, legs burning, shoulders burning and my lungs gasping for air. Once I had got to this point it was purely a mental battle to even finish the challenge and I focused on grinding out every bit of movement as it came.

Nevertheless the worst part was when I finished and my body had just realised what had happened. This is when the lactic acid took full effect in my legs, my lungs were trying harder to take in more air, I couldn’t see very well, walking was a negative…basically i was in a world of trouble!

After about 15-20 mins I had recovered and I stand by my theory of how to get achieve a good score even though it was horrible. Empty the tank!

I also knew how important this challenge was due to it being for a good cause, so I wanted to give a valiant score to do it justice. Some how I got top of the leaderboard which still amazes me! Just goes to show what you can do when you give 100%”

Lands End to John O’Groats

Here is Joe Barker and Oliver Twigger out training out training for the Lands End to John O’Groats trip which is fast approaching in some rare sunshine!

Joe Barker says “When we received the call with the devasting news about Freddie was heart breaking. Witnessing some of the closest people in my life crumble within seconds was truly the hardest thing I’ve gone through, so when the fund was first set up, I knew straight away I wanted to raise money and impact people in a positive way in light of such hard times.

Freddie had an incredible passion for sport which has been conveyed in previous challenges for the fund and continues to drive us through the many hours of cold, dark, wet training that we have dedicated to in preparation for this ride.

This March we aim to complete Lands End to John O’Groats by bike in 10 days. This is a 900 mile bike ride and will have the equivalent ascent of scaling Mount Everest twice whilst we cycle the length of the country!

In doing this we aim to raise as much money as possible The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund in memory of Freddie who tragically lost his life in an accident abroad last summer.

Here is the 10 day route…

Day 1: Lands End -Liskeard (80 miles)
Day 2: Liskeard- Taunton (93 miles)
Day 3: Taunton- Hereford (90 miles)
Day 4: Hereford- Market Drayton
Day 5: Market Drayton- Carnforth (100 miles)
Day 6: Carnforth- Lockerbie (96 miles)
Day 7: Lockerbie- Kelty (87 miles)
Day 8: Kelty- Aviemore (104 miles)
Day 9: Aviemore- Tain (73 miles)
Day 10: Tain- John O’Groats!!(87 miles)

To be rearranged due to Covid19

Claire Woods

My two boys and I have always been into pushing ourselves. From a young age the boys have enjoyed participating in all manner of charity sporting challenges, partly for the cause but generally mostly for the medal and goody bags! 😊

Our last challenge however we ran for a different reason. We decided, following the tragic death of a great sportsman that was Freddie, we would support Heather in her formidable strength and dedication to raise money for Freddie’s Memorial Fund. At 8km over multiple obstacles and hilly terrain, designed for adults, I was incredibly proud in the effort and determination of my boys to complete The Rocket Race Challenge. We were at the front of the wave heading out amongst some very seasoned athletes and most definitely one of the last ones home but it was incredibly tough and was certainly the motivation of Freddie’s Memorial Fund that brought us home. Another fellow rugby friend joined us and we were incredibly grateful, ninja walls, monkey bars, rope climbs to name a few would have been almost impossible without Rosie’s help. We raised a great amount of £285 through the generous sponsorship of friends and family.

“My favourite part was the climbing and I liked how everyone in the race helped each other. Freddie age 7.

” When you get stuck in a bog and you feel like you can’t get through, think of the people in your lives that never give up and you’ll succeed too. Next year we would love to raise more money and bring all our rugby team mates and family”. Jack age 10.

Donate to Claire’s challenge

IAN JONES ( Superstars studio)

When hearing Heather had set up a foundation in Freddie’s honour and memory. I desperately wanted to do something to raised money towards the cause. Every idea I had come to mind, just didn’t seem fitting to the cause. I didn’t know Freddie, but loved hearing Heather talk absolutely about him. It wasn’t only a “Mothers Pride” it was the pride of someone who created a soul that helped encourage, inspire and believe in others, even when they didn’t believe in themselves.

So the initial idea of shaving off my beard, didn’t even come close to what I felt would honour Freddie’s memory.

I then thought about workouts, and Hero Wods. One in particular the “Murph” 100 pull-ups 200 press ups and 300 squats seemed fitting. It’s hard enough to do it once. So I felt doing 30 consecutive Murphs over the Christmas period would really challenge me, in the hopes that it might raise some money towards Freddie’s fund.

During the first week, I’d be lying if I didn’t think “what the heck am I doing?” My body ached all over. And my times got slower. But amazingly the donations and people who wanted to join in the challenge with me, including Freddie’s Mum Heather, really spurred me on. I felt collectively we captured some of Freddie’s spirit. We kept going, we were all at different fitness levels and no one was left behind. I faced Freddie’s Legend banner that we have hung up in our gym several times. And although this sounds odd, whilst I was in the most pain I would thank him for what he did to benefit others in his life and drew strength from this fact.
If I was to do this challenge for no other reason, I would’ve stopped after the first week. It was physical, tiring and emotional. I had two winter viruses a couple of migraines and didn’t drink (alcohol) at all during the 30 days to ensure I could complete the challenge to the best of my ability. We raised over £250.00 which was more than I could’ve imagined. Thankyou to all who donated. I will be thinking of another challenge to do for Freddie’s cause again and look forward to the teams that we create in his memory, coming together again to do him and his fund and legacy to proud.

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