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Active volunteers and participants across the South West
Active volunteers and participants across the South West

Promoting & encouraging personal development and positive self esteem through achievement

The purpose of The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund is to provide financial funding to support additional coaching and sporting development that is inclusive to  all. The Fund focuses on growing a group or an individual, priding ourselves on promoting and encouraging personal development.

We strive to encourage inclusivity,  promoting positive self-esteem and helping prevent mental illness through quality development and coaching.  We aim to ensure that the community can access coaching programs both locally, nationally and internationally.  Through years of experience and personal demonstration, we believe that coaching entrenches discipline and respect to become second nature.  These are qualities that we value both personally and professionally, and have employed as cornerstones in the foundations of The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund.

Our vision is to deliver a Fund and associated activity that demonstrates Freddie Pring’s spirit.  We run professional events to a high standard, with a firm and structured approach to brand consistency.

Freddie Pring died  tragically in 2019 at the tender age of 20, on a work company incentive trip abroad.  He was the youngest person ever in the company to qualify for the trip after quickly proving his ability and professionalism. His instant accidental death, combined with vastly inappropriate press publication, has devastated both his family and the community of which he was immensely proud.

Freddie was a true sportsman: although young in age he brought an air of experience, determination and belief that was highly respected on the sports field. He held these values both on and off the pitch and was happy to work with people of all genders, ages and backgrounds; passing on knowledge he had gained in his formative years.  Freddie was the ultimate team player – always passionate and always motivated.

His ability to bring people together was commendable, with a smile that lit up any room and an infectious character that would kick-start any event. Our role as a Fund is to embody Freddie’s spirit; ensuring we continue to bring communities together. Our core ethos is focused on catering for everyone through fundraising for sports development, as well as creating events that have a family-feel in which our community feels safe and respected.

As a talented sportsman Freddie was lucky to have opportunities such as training in New Zealand, developing his rugby skills and allowing for huge personal development. We want to extend this opportunity of travel and the additional skills, qualities and experiences this brings; and therefore often seek out coaching possibilities on an international level.  Freddie lived life to the full, and we are passionate about incorporating that nature in the values, objectives and aims of The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund.

We have ambitious goals for The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund.  Through what began as local community-based events in West Somerset, we can now begin to visualise a bigger picture across the South West and beyond.  We plan to grow and continue Freddie’s legacy; supporting and building the dreams of those who otherwise may not have the same opportunities. As our events, fundraising and widespread community grows, so too does our ability to provide people with the same vibrant, fulfilling and enriching experiences that made Freddie the light he was, and therein lies the purpose of The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund.

“It is not the length of life, but the depth.”

We grow groups and individuals, priding ourselves on promoting and encouraging personal development.

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